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About Us

Golden Hills Arts and Science College, nestled in the serene surroundings of Kizhakoth Panchayat, offers a unique educational experience. Perched atop a hill, the college provides a picturesque setting with greenery and a tranquil atmosphere that is captivating everyone who steps foot on its grounds. This idyllic environment not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also creates an ideal backdrop for focused and conducive studies. Students at Golden Hills College benefits from an atmosphere that fosters learning and personal growth, making it a choice destination for those seeking both academic excellence and harmonious connection with nature.

Golden Hills arts and science college established in 2014, initially offered four courses to its students. Over the years it has expanded its Academic offerings and currently provides a total of five courses. Notably, the institution has recently received approval for an additional course, Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA), set to commence next year. This evolution highlights the college’s commitment to diversify its educational programs and staying to the evolving needs of students in the ever changing landscape of academia. The college’s courses particularly B.Com Finance and B.Com Computer Application are renowned for their demanding nature and strong focus on their job readiness. These programmes consistently attract high-achieving students due to their merit-oriented admission process.

BA English language and literature programme has gained a reputation for attracting top- tier students. The college’s commitment to fostering critical thinking and analytical skills further enhances the appeal, making it a preferred choice for those seeking robust English literature educations.

BA Public Administration is a distinctive programme sought after by students aspiring to enter civil services and competitive examinations. Remarkably only two colleges under Calicut University offers this specialized course reflecting its exclusivity and the unique academic path that provides for pursuing careers in public administration and governance.

BA Political Science is another degree course in our college and it is indeed a popular choice among students aspiring for government roles and further studies in the fields like law, public administration, International relations and public policy.

Next year we are set to commence Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) course which surely will attract students who are passionate about computer studies and Technology.

Currently we have 644 students in the college in the ratio of 439 boys and 205 girls.

There are 23 Teaching staff in the college in 5 departments; each department has separate staff rooms and department libraries.

A well furnished library with a collection of 4000 books is a fantastic resource for students, providing ample material for their studies across various subjects. It offers an excellent opportunity for research, reference, and expanding their knowledge base.

A store is maintained by the college committee to provide essential things to the students; also the college provides separate Prayer hall facility for boys and girls in the campus itself. The college canteen is very much helpful for the students, with better accessibility. The college is providing merit cum means scholarships each year across different semesters and courses which is very beneficial for the deserving students and can motivate them to excel academically. A total of 36 scholarships are distributed every year.

As the part of charity the college managing committee is giving fee concession and other support to the needy bright students. The construction of the college stadium with 200 meter track is progressing and we wish we could finish the work this year itself, and it helps to offer special coaching for interested students, once the stadium is completed. Even now our students are competing in various games like volleyball, football and cricket in the University zonal meets.

YEM (Young Empathetic Movement) is a very active club in the college; the volunteers of the club are involved in so many social activities such as conducting blood donation camps, medical camps, and other orientation camps.

The environmental club in the college is dedicated to promoting sustainability, raising awareness about environmental issues, and implementing eco-friendly initiatives. They organize various activities such as tree planting drives, recycling programs, beach clean-ups, educational seminars, and workshops on sustainable living practices.

COK (Campuses of Kozhikode) an NGO working under District administration has a fifty member unit in the college; they are contributing very well in the programs of COK.

WDC (Women Development cell) an association for women empowerment is working in the college from the starting itself. Under the supervision of the club they have conducted so many programmes and camps for girl students, including night camps.

The students Union Election Conducted through presidential system allows for a structured approach to student governance and representation. It offers students a chance to actively participate in decision-making processes, fostering leadership skills and democratic values. The responsibility of organizing events like Onam celebration, Christmas, Fresher’s day, Fine arts day, College day under the student union showcases their ability to plan and execute diverse programmes, fostering a vibrant campus community.

Various associations are working under college union such as English association, Commerce association, Political science association and Public Administration association systematically and inaugurations of these associations are held in the presence of dignitaries in various fields. Various political parties are cooperative with the union very well.

The Anti ragging cell functioning in the college helps to keep away the menace of ragging in the campus.

The Anti narcotic cell in the college plays a crucial role in raising awareness about the dangers of drug abuse and addiction among students and keeps the campus free from narcotics. All the important days and programmes are celebrated in the campus in its fullness.

The college committee is planning to commence PG courses in the coming year and the construction of hostels for the students and cottages for the staff are the next agenda.

Every department in the college is conducting add on courses for the students and giving them career orientation classes through different agencies.